Replacement Stretch Cords

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Purchase a single replacement stretch cord. Orange, blue, or red six dollars eachFrom the original MISIG if yours wore out
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Purchase a single replacement stretch cord. Orange, blue, or red six dollars each

From the original MISIG if yours wore out

Mark Urness, The Oaks Club, Osprey, Florida:
“After about one month of stretching 5 minutes per day with the device, I have added approximately 30 yards to my drives.”

Dennis Wind, Prestonwood CC in Cary, N. Carolina:
“I’ve gained between 20 and 30 yards. My irons also carry longer and fly higher.”

Colin Sheehan, Head Golf Coach, Yale University:
“…The MISIG has allowed me to make the type of full back swing I took for granted for nearly all of my golfing life.”

Jeff Crittenden, Volvik World Long Drive Champion, Masters Division:
“I am constantly working on creating a bigger turn to increase distance. The MISIG is giving me more mobility which will lead to a bigger shoulder turn and more speed at impact…. in long drive, every mile per hour gained is huge.”

Scott Pasiuk, Santa Monica, California:
"I have to say that this thing works! It has made the game of golf more fun knowing I can hit the ball further by doing a little stretching every day.”

Jim Alexander, Boca Raton, Florida:
“It has improved my hand position at the top of my backswing and has added 20 to 40 yards on my driver."

Colton Little Co-Host – Golf Life Television:
“I’m The Younger Generation (Millennial). What I Got From It Was The Fitness, Getting A Work Out.”

“Here’s an effective, easy-to-use training aid that will help you improve your swing and increase your flexibility, and which you can use indoors and out.”

Jim Schwab, Durham, North Carolina:
“My wife and I both have been using the MISIG for several months now. We both developed deeper shoulder turn…. it has made a big difference for us both. It truly is a great training aid. We use it daily.”

Jon Hollingsworth, New York:
“what a wonderful device you created, it’s improved my accuracy , distance and of course my flexibility to enjoy this great game even more…“

Jim Dwyer. Cape Coral, Florida:
“I have just about every golf aid ever made and yours is by far the best. I’m addicted to it.”

LPGA Master Professional Golf Instructor:
“The MISIG is one of the best combination teaching and training aids I have every used!"

Jerry Garrison Certified PGA Professional Golf Instructor:
“It has been extremely helpful in teaching the proper positions and mechanics… and showing what stretch really is… the MISIG is an invaluable tool.”

Dave Normand PGA Master Professional Golf Instructor:
“Incredible Teaching Tool For My Students… And… I hit the ball farther today then I have anytime in my career.”

Charles Ashburn, Winder Georgia:
“Your product is the best thing that has ever happened to my game! I am hitting the ball straight and am picking up at least 20 yards.”

Joe Forchione, 30 Years Old – Chicago Firefighter CFD – Chicago, IL:
“But by training with the MISIG my distance increased dramatically. In fact, at Charity Golf Outings, I have won five long drive holes which is awesome. My swing plane is better also. I don’t slice the ball anymore.”

Christina Lael, CPA, JD, Fort Myers, Florida:
“I absolutely love this thing. I have bought a lot of training aids but this is by far the best one. It’s just a great company and product. Highly highly recommend this product.”

Paul Albers, Minster, Ohio
”my golfing friends are all complaining about the extra 15 to 20 yards I’ve added to my drives; it really helps to get that proper inside out swing feeling."

Lee Denson, 85 Years Old, San Diego, California
“The MISIG has helped me to get more back turn and therefore, distance. Important at my age (85).”

Frank LaRossa, ESPN Sports:
Bernie, A few Thoughts… “After using MISIG for about two weeks, I’ve noticed on my past couple of trips to the course how much easier I turn, how much farther my drives are going, and how much easier it is to complete a follow through. I’m a believer.”

Mike Billingsley, Executive Producer, Golf Life Television Show:
“Let Me Tell You It Really Works. Just A Really Nice Stretch -A Stretch In My Upper Back That I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Felt.”

Mark Siegel Managing Director Golfasian Co. Ltd.
“I have been using MISIG for two months and have increased my driving distance 20 yards and iron distance 10 yards over the same period. How much more benefit can I expect?”
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