MISIG - Best Indoor Golf Training Equipment To Train During Pandemic

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For a Golfer, it is crucial to practice regularly. With the COVID-19 pandemic not coming to an end, it is important to stay indoors as much as possible and keep safe and adjust your activities to be performed indoors. Golf practicing is not an exception to that.


Along with the stretches and exercise you do, using specific training equipment for indoors will surely be helpful. In this article, we will describe one such indoor golf training equipmentperhaps the best one of them, MISIG.

What is MISIG?

MISIG is a shorthand for “Most Important Stretch In Golf”. It has a 41-inch long shaft on which certain components are attached which whole together gives the experience. The components are :

  • Powerball weighing 8 ounces
  • Padded slider handle, 
  • Adjustable elbow cuff,
  • Color-Coded Resistance Chords
  • Comfort Grip 

indoor golf training equipment



How to use the MISIG?

The overall process of using MISIG is straightforward and straightforward: Set up the tool with the components and choose a resistance cord, Attach the device to yourself and perform stretches and exercises up to your requirement and ability!MISIG - indoor golf training device


Step I: Choose your resistance cord

As we have seen earlier, MISIG comes with three resistance cords: Beginner (Orange), Intermediate (Blue), and Advanced (Red). Based on your requirement and use, you need to select an appropriate resistance cord and fix it to the tool.

We recommend using the MISIG with the orange cord for 20 hours or approximately two weeks of regular stretching. Now that you are comfortable with the tool move over to the blue cord with medium resistance and finally, to the red cord.

However, stretching with a red cord is always energy consuming, and if you want a quick warm-up, go to lower resistance cords.


Step II: Set yourself up

Now that you have chosen the appropriate cord, secure your armband with the elbow cuff to the lead hand, and hold the slider with the other hand. It will set you up for the training.


Step III: Train!

The next step you take depends on what you want to do. MISIG is primarily a stretching device. You may want to do that generally. However, it can also be used as a swing trainer and also for exercising.

If you are doing stretches, start with pushing the slider handle up the shaft. As you pull it farther, the resistance cords begin to pull your elbow. After a short while, release. 

First, do this slowly and then after warm-up, start pushing the sliding grip up the shaft to more distance. It will help you to perform the necessary stretch. But while doing this, make sure that you keep both of your hands straight. 

Other forms of training are mostly similar to the above one with each one having slight changes. You need to gently slide the handle up the shaft for swing training and bring it down in repeating motions. While doing this, you need to keep the leading hand elbow locked and also hinge your wrist.

For exercising, you need to keep the tension in the cord for a long time after pushing it up! After that, release only some of the pressure and again push it up.

Here's a quick how to video by founder Bernie Fay


Be aware of the Dangers

While the tool does not give any injuries… Certain people claim to have severe neck and back injuries from using this Product. It is said that while it stretches your muscles and offers benefits, these may be unusual ways for the body. So, to be fine without any dangers, you need to work equally on both sides and swing both directions routinely.

But in the end, MISIG is a wonderful golf training equipment that is undoubtedly useful during the times of this pandemic. By using it safely and steadily for some days, you will definitely see improvement in your game!

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