How To Do The Most Important Stretch For Golf: The Best Way

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People play Golf for many reasons, but Competency and Confidence are two significant aspects that a golf player needs to have. To build them, you need to do certain exercises and stretches consistently and adequately. Golf stretches have been becoming more and more popular these days, and there are many ways of doing it and tools for helping in the process.


In this article, we will tell you about the most important stretch of Golf and the tool that helps you do it. Doing it will significantly improve your strength, degrees of your backswing, and range of motion and form the right muscle memory that surely increases your confidence and capability!


Introducing MISIG:  

MISIG, aptly the acronym of Most Important Stretch in Golf, is a simple tool that will help you to perform the most important stretch of Golf and improve your drive distance. Other than stretching for GolfMISIG has other advantages as well.

It is a simple tool consisting of a 41-inch super-strength polymer club shaft with one cuff, resistance cord, slider handle, and a Powerball. The way these are configured gives a guarantee for stretching your shoulders and improving the way you play without risk of injustices.

The cuff will hold on to your arm, the stretch resistance will tighten and prevent further stretching, and the Powerball will give the weight of the rod.

There are three Resistance cords: Beginner (orange colored), Intermediate(blue coloured), and Advanced(Red coloured). The resistance of the cords increases from the beginner to the advanced ones. 

The 8-ounce Powerball will add a certain weight to the shaft that the whole thing feels like an actual club! The main advantage of MSIG is that it lets your brain treat and associate this tool to an actual club and thus better helps to retain this muscle memory when you are playing Golf. Also, when this extra weight adds to your exercises, it increases your strength a lot faster than anything else.

Its usage seems simple, but gives incredible results! Let us go on and see how to use the MISIG.


How to use MISIG:

As we said earlier, MISIG is a primarily stretching tool. Other than that, you can do swing training and general exercises with it. Let us discuss them in detail.


Using MISIG for stretching:

Before you do stretching or doing anything with MISIG for that manner, you need to decide which stretch resistance cord you will use. As said earlier, there are three color-coded resistance chords: Orange, Blue, and Red.

 When you are new to the product or just looking for a light stretch, like when you did many exercises before and cooling down, use the orange cord. The blue chord is useful when you are doing repetitions for an exercise. Now when you get a hand of the device, use the red one. 

After deciding the cord, it's time to jump into action!

The First step is to Attach one end of the stretch resistance cord to the elbow cuff and the other end to the slider handle. Now secure the armband to your lead hand, and from a golf stance, start pushing the slider handle out all along the club shaft with the other hand to the end. While doing this, make sure that both of your hands are straight. Also, do not stretch the cords beyond the breaking point. 

That's it! Do these repeatedly and stretch your shoulders, back, and hips while increasing your backswing degrees.

After you are good with one stretch resistance cord, go to a higher one and do it again!


Using MISIG for Swing training & Exercising:

One important thing to note is that although MISIG can help your swing, this doesn’t perfect your technique. That is, if your form is terrible, this is not the way to improve it. But, if your form is good, MISIG would undoubtedly enhance the swing speed and the distance. The good thing with MISIG is that it is specialized to the muscles which are left out by traditional workout equipment. 

For swing training, slide the handle up the shaft while bringing the non-lead hand away and over your shoulder in repeating motions. While doing this, make sure that you keep the elbow of the other hand locked and hinge your wrist. 

As for the exercise, hold up the sliding handle on the long bar while keeping the tension on the stretch cord. Now, release some of the tension on the handle by sliding down 8 to 10 inches. Repeat this for 10 to 12 reps per set for gaining strengthened muscles. Another way of exercising is to hold the sliding handle with one hand and extend the lead arm downward in a repeated motion.



MISIG is a simple yet effective tool for perfecting your golf play. It takes up less space overall and provides a great value for your body. With some simple but burning exercises, you can increase your strength, range of motion and form the right muscle memory for swinging the golf club like a pro!

It is always risk-free as they have a money-back guarantee if you don't like it (which won't happen anyway!).



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