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The Benefits Of Trying The MISIG.

A Golf Device You Will Never Ever Regret Trying

It Combines Golf Specific Stretching, Golf Specific Strength Training And Proper Golf Swing Mechanics

In One Brilliant Fluid Motion

You Will Not Believe The Results

Video Below After Benefits…

Real Benefits – You Will Be So Happy You Tried It

– First Of All It Gives A Perfect And Specific “Golfer’s Stretch” You Will Not Believe Nor Have Ever Felt Before

– Feel A Tremendous And Wonderful Stretch In The Shoulders, Back And Hips

– Activates, Stretches And Strengthens The Exact CORE Golf Muscles And Tendons Used In A Golf Swing

-Build Great Added Golf Strength But Also Gain Range Of Motion And Mobility

– Now Being Used Widely In Golf Rehabilitation

– You Will Get The Club Head Back Much Farther Much Easier To The True Top

– Better Takeaway

– Get Deeper Get Wider

– Feel The Proper Mechanics Of The Takeaway, Structure And Loading

– Helps To Keep The Lead Arm Straighter During The Takeaway 

– Hinges And Unhinges The Wrists Properly

 –  Plan On An Incredible And True Shoulder Turn

– Dramatically Increase Rotation And Add Much More Mobility

– Better More Consistent Overall “Turn”

– Create Critical Muscle Memory

– Dramatically Increase Degrees Of Backswing

– Get The Club Head Back Much Farther Much Easier

-It Forces An “Inside To Out” Swing

– You Can’t Come “Over The Top” Practicing With The “MISIG”

– Eliminates “Over The Top” Slices Once And Forever

-Build Stamina

– Endurance Will Become Natural

– Less Post Round Fatigue 

– The Best 1st Tee Warm Up Device In History

– No More Season Ending  Or Weeks Ending Injuries

Astonishing Results Are Unconditionally Guaranteed

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