5 Best Golf Swing Tips To Increase Your Swing Speed Quickly

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Golf is a tricky but rewarding game. There are a lot of golfers who wish to attain a professional level in every aspect of the game. In that path of improvement, increasing swing speed is an integral part. 

In this article, we will explain 5 Best golf swing tips that will increase your speed quickly. But before you go on to follow these swing tips, you need to get two things right: Your physical fitness and the Club fitting. Let us discuss them in brief:


Physical fitness:

Your overall strength and the range of motion will significantly affect your goal swing speed. While the exact effect is a bit difficult to quantify, it has been many times observed that as golfers become more fit, the distance increases along with speed.

So, find a system that is best, taking into account relevant information about your commitment, age, and time to improve your physical fitness. Concentrate and work on your core... as without it, reaching your maximum potential would be very difficult.


Club fitting:

There are lots of drivers available for you in the market, and you must ensure that the club with which you play is perfect for you. It is an essential part as you would potentially end up in years of struggle if you choose a wrong club.

A good club can not only be good for speed and distance but also accuracy.

Professional golfers often will switch out the shafts in the drivers up to the point they are comfortable. 

Now that you know about the prerequisite part, let us jump to the golf swing tips:

Focus on rotation:

The rotation of the upper body against your lower body would have a great effect on your swing speed. While your upper body turns 90 degrees while your back faces the target at the top, your hips rotate only half of that angle, 45 degrees.

The difference between these angles will create the necessary torque and thus power your swing. So by getting your body rotation optimal, you can quickly increase your swinging speed a lot!


Use your wrist as a Lever:

Consider your wrists as levers while you swing your golf club. Your wrists will hinge on the way back as you take the club away. For optimal golf swing, your wrists must remain hinged until before impact.

By keeping them hinged this way and not releasing the angle in your wrists, you will not be wasting any more energy by casting the club thus putting all the energy and relatively increasing speed! In addition to that, Your wrist levers could provide the last-minute energy burst through the impact!


Hit it free:

Beginner Golfers generally tend to think that swinging it harder would make yourself faster, while in general, it might be true most of the time it causes tension, and this tension slows the clubhead speed.

An additional disadvantage here is that there is a chance of you putting that speed in the wrong direction, thus decreasing the accuracy. The key thing you need to keep in mind is to keep your body loose and swing freely.


Put some lag:

By lag, I mean the angle between the shaft and your forearm in the downswing. It has the potential to turn a smooth swing into real power! So, the bigger the angle, the more rush you can get through the ball.

Now when you release the angle in the elbow and the angle in your wrist afterwards, you can increase the swing speed!


Use speed training tools:

Speed training tools are creating a lot of buzzes these days. There are a lot of specialized tools available, and each one operates in its own way of improving your speed.

Also, tools tailored for people of specific age-groups and even for players at a certain level of experience in the game would be available. These will ensure that aids would be accessible across a wide range of people!


 MISIG is one of the best tools to increase the swing speed in Golf. The device works like magic, and you can see the change in your performance in just a couple of days.



How to use MISIG to increase swing speed:


Benefits of using MISIG:

  • Increases overall Golf strength
  • Increases range of motion.
  • Increases mobility
  • Increases swing speed.


Bottom Line:

Those are some of the best golf swing tips we can give! They are sure to increase your swing speed quickly and let you hit the ball to longer distances. But, if you want to be a sustainably pro golfer, you need to be in the mindset of perpetual practice and improvement.



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