7 Ultimate Golf Tricks and Hacks To Progress Quickly

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Playing golf is a great experience, but it would quickly become frustrating if you are stuck at a point with certain problems and are not able to play the game well.


You may play the game just for the sake of your enjoyment, or as a profession, being able to play well is important. Don't think yourself low because of your lack of perfection in golf, not only beginners but also the experienced golf players might lose their edge sometimes and need to come back to basics.

In this article, let us discuss 7 Golf Tricks and hacks that would level up your golf game quickly.


Imagine a second shot:

Many golfers have an unconscious habit of trying to stop the club after hitting the ball. However, it gives a negative effect. One best way to get away with this unconscious habit is to visualize a second ball straight in the line between the actual ball and target about 20 inches forward.

Now, after you make the first impact, try to hit the second ball. Don't forget to hit each ball solidly and with the same rhythm and flow.

As an initial exercise, you can try putting an actual ball until you get used to it!


Use Sand Wedge Putt

You know how important good putting skills are. A sand wedge putt is slightly different than a normal putter but is highly effective. The difference with the normal putter and sand wedge putter is that sand wedge gives a higher power, so one needs to understand differences in distance and get used to it.

Just keep the putting grip as usual with the others and with the leading edge of the sand wedge, strike the back of the ball. You may not get it right the first time, but more practice would definitely do!


Don’t fight the wind:

Many have a strong intuitional belief that hitting the golf ball harder would make it go farther, but in reality, it’s opposite. There are many reasons why hitting a golf ball hard is a bad idea and a main but not generally mentioned one is the effect of wind.

Swinging harder will generate more backspin, and as a result, your ball will go higher, covering less distance. Instead of this, make the wind your ally by taking an inch back from your general position and lower the centre of gravity a little by squatting a bit and swing at 25% less than usual.


Trigger your swing:

Maintaining good swing rhythm is essential for a good hit. There are a lot of tricks for that, but one of the finest among them is to use a trigger. By trigger, what we mean is that we have some sort of way to create a muscle memory that associates the triggering way to a perfect swing rhythm. 

One of the greatest golf players, Dustin Johnsons, the trigger of the swing is bending the wrists towards the ball a little. Many other players have something similar to this but specifically different triggers to maintain the swing.It is one of the best golf tricks and hacks that many golfers use.

MISIG is also a very useful golf swing training device that helps you to create strong muscle memory. It just needs 10 to 15 minutes of your day, and the results will be astonishing.


Get your sense of depth right:

While most of us cannot realize outright, everyone cannot accurately perceive depth and distance. That is, people could think an object is much closer than it actually is in reality. So, if a golfer suffers from this, they may judge the distance from the hole wrong and hit the ball within an inappropriate way.

The good news is that testing this for yourself is easy and with some exercise, you can get your sense right. Take the following steps for testing your perception of distance:

Step I: Take any object that is at least 20 ft away from you. An actual hole also works well

Step II: Direct your focus on that object and keep it fixed in your mind’s eye.

Step III: Now close your eyes and try to point index fingers from both of your hands toward that object

Step IV: Now open your eyes and check if you have pointed correctly.

If your pointing is correct, then you are good! However, if your pointing is inaccurate, treat this as an exercise and improve yourself!


Don't forget to do stretches

Several workouts will increase your performance really well. However, there are some stretchers that are designed to be done before a round starts. Let us discuss one such significant stretch which involves your shoulders. Follow these steps to do the stretch:

First, twist a towel on the pole of a golf cart and hold it with arms. Then, stretch your arms straight and go as far as you can go while bending your body down and maintaining a shoulder-width distance between the feet.

Now you will feel the stretch on your shoulders. Hold it like this for 30 seconds. After you do this for one side, repeat for the other side too! Also, if you want to stretch your side muscles, lean slightly to the side.

You can also try our device called most important stretch in golf to warm up and get ready for the game.


Improve your iron shot

In order to improve iron shot, Rory Mcllroy, a professional golf player has suggested to move the weight of the body down and forward as you make the swing. This allows the bottom of your swing to be angled in the front of the ball. How do you move the weight? Try driving your left knee towards the ball and as you make your swing, straighten it.



So, These are some of the ultimate Golf tips and hacks we could find. Make sure that you do golf practice consistently as, without it, all the hard work you put into getting your golf play perfectly could be lost!


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