MISIG - The Best Golf Training Aid To Sync Body And Arms

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Synchronization between different areas of your body, i.e. the hips, shoulders, overall weight and arms is important for a consistent golf swing. It is due to the fact that the synchronization between body and arms influences both Power and the control of direction. 

So, if ever you are in a situation where you could not deliver a golf swing well, there is a high chance that your arms are not in sync with the body. Sure, there are some good drills out there that get you to the optimal level of sync, but this training would be a lot easier when you use the right training equipment. 

MISIG, suitably the acronym for Most Important Stretch in Golf is one such training equipment that is extremely simple but gives incredible results. I can go further and say that this is one of the best golf training aid to sync body and arms.

The main advantage, other than being highly portable and straightforward is that it not only increases the sync between body and arms but also it provides a range of benefits that would make you a better overall golfer. You can also use this as a general exercise device. Read on to know more about MISIG, What it is made of and how to use it.

  1. best golf training aid to sync body and arms


Improving Sync Of Body And Arms With The Best Golf Training Aid - MISIG


What MISIG consists of?

MISIG is basically a 41 inch super strength polymer club shaft.on which some components are attached which work together to provide the training experience. 

The main components of MISIG are:

  • An 8-ounce metal ball that is attached at the end of the shaft. Its purpose is to ensure the MISIG weights similar to that of regular golf which helps let your brain associate MISIG with a regular golf club.
  • Three Colour-coded resistance cords each pertaining to beginner, intermediate and Advanced Levels.
  • An elbow cuff which helps to attach the tool to the arm.
  • A comfort grip and a padded slider.

Using MISIG for training:


The first thing to do before you start training with MISIG is to select an appropriate resistance cord. As said earlier, MISIG comes with three colour-coded resistance cords each corresponding to a certain level: beginners, intermediates and advanced.

So, based on your experience with the tool and your physical build, select a resistance cord that suits you. However, lower level cords also have their use after you attain a higher level --- as a warm-up before exercise and relaxation after exercise.

Next, get into position and as you secure your elbow cuff to your hand, pull the slide handle back with the other hand. The resistance cord would then start resisting your advance after a certain distance. When you apply some pressure to counter the resistance to swing, your arms and body will stretch, and with repeated training, you can increase sync between your body and arms.

There are many prescriptions as to how much pressure you need to put for each stretch and how many reps you need to do. You may apply somewhat little pressure and make more reps, Apply more pressure and keep the tension for some time and relax or more. The most important thing is that you do it consistently and cautiously.

I mentioned caution because there had been some cases where MISIG had caused some injuries to the people who used them. The number is relatively low, but nevertheless, the damage is considerable. The reason for that injury is that people do not tend to use this tool the same for both hands. It is advised that you equally work on both the sides and swing both directions.

So, use the tool regularly following all the precautions, and you will be acquiring and developing much more skill in golf, allowing you to play confidently!





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