Top 5 Golf Tips for Women [Infographic]

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golf tips for women

Improve Flexibility and Strength:

With Golf generally being an extremely demanding game, it is essential to improve body fitness before trying to enhance in-game. As per the American Council on Exercise, there are two areas to work before going to Golf: Flexibility and Strength. You can improve flexibility by stretching muscles by doing exercises like trunk rotation, and strength can be increased by focusing on shoulders, hips, legs, and core.

Hit a free & fluid shot:

The most common mistake that women golfers make is only thinking about hitting the ball. Instead of focusing heavily on hitting the ball, try to swing through the ball as you would do in the practice swings. This would make your swing relaxed and fluid, giving you more distance and accuracy.

Get the grip right:

The grip is your only contact with the Golf, So getting it right needs to be a top priority. An error that often gets made is to hold the golf club in the palm of the hand instead of where it needs to be --- the fingers. The two V shapes between the thumb and index finger should point towards your shoulder slightly.


Do not allow a “Hanging Back”:

While playing Golf, there is a common tendency for locking the heels to the ground. Due to this, a normal weight shift could not occur and creates the condition of “hanging back” where you would lose power when you try to lift the ball. You may also add an additional loft. Always remember to shift your weight forward when hitting the ball.


Bend at your Hips instead of Knees:

The posture you maintain when you swing has a lot of influence in deciding many hit parameters. A common mistake many beginner women golfers make is they bend at their knees. Bending at the hips would push your rear and shoulder blades further back, creating more room for a swing. 

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