What to do when a golf swing goes bad?

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A good golf swing is a combination of good posture, proper mechanics, equipment and lots more. If any aspect goes wrong, that results in your golf swing going bad. Even the best golfers might lose their edge on a swing at times.

Whatever the reason, if you want to fix your golf swing and regain the good old day's perfection back, specific techniques and tools could help. In this article, we'll share some of the ways that you can go through when your golf swing goes bad.

However, before doing any of these, make sure that you have the right golf equipment that is suitable for you and an optimal level of physical fitness.

Things To Do When Your Golf Swing Goes Bad:


Correct your form:

Shanking is one of the most common factors that could make your goal swing bad. In simple words, shanking happens when you hit the ball with the innermost part of the club, and you may notice that you will keep tensing up at the setup. The tension will result in you swinging back the club more using your upper body with the lower body getting off the balance.

 To correct your form and reverse the shanking, place your weight on arches of yours and make sure that you are standing at a perfect distance from the ball --- neither too far nor too close. Also, allow the right hip to swing when you throw the backswing so that there is no tension on your hips.



Correct Putter failure:

Aiming the putter face correctly is arguably the most critical aspect in making a short putt. So, if you miss short putts regularly, you can try to pick a specific target line and line up the target with the name on the ball.

After that, get about two feet behind the ball and execute a few strokes. Make sure that you never lose the sight of the target line while you are setting up the ball and the putter matches the target line.

When you start working on your aim; eventually, your stroke will change to match the target.



Try using Descending strike:

There may be times when your golf ball would be stuck in the rough, and at that time, you take a sweeping swing to free it. This would, unfortunately, result in the clubhead getting stuck in the grass which causes it to twist and decelerate, ultimately disrupting the direction and power of the shot. Using a descending strike instead of sweeping would solve the issue.



Use golf training equipment:

Using training golf equipment can bring a lot of improvement in your swing faster and reliably. A simple and best one among them is MISIG, which is aptly named as the Most Important Stretch in Golf. Just being a simple shaft with some attachments, not only it helps in stretching your muscles for improving their strength and flexibility, but also perfecting your swing! 



While all these tips would help you get your swing right, consistency is the key for maintaining it. Do practise all the time and always measure yourself up so that you would have accurate qualitative and quantitative information about your play, which you can use for analysis of your progress and deciding on which aspects you need to focus more. 

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