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One of the most important aspects that decide your golf performance is swing. So, getting swing right is a high priority for any golfer. But for beginners, it becomes a top priority as they need to pick the right habits and skills right at the start to avoid any difficulties later.

In this article, we roll out our best seven golf swing tips that are sure to help beginner golfers a lot: making the swing look effortless and highly economical on energy. However, these beginner Swing tips not only help beginners but also help expert golfers when they feel the need of going back to basics.

But before going on to implementing these golf swing tips, there are three things that you need to take care of: Physical Fitness, Golf equipment and the Stance. Let us briefly discuss each one of them:


Physical Fitness

Golf swing tips

Your Physical fitness, along with the body flexibility, effectively determines how easily you hit and also the power of your hit, which in turn affects the accuracy and the distance. So, do some exercises and stretches that aim to increase muscle strength and flexibility along with practising for Golf.



Golf Equipment

golf swing tips

Beginner golfers generally have the wrong impression that all clubs are the same. With this impression, they buy whatever is on sale at their local store. But in fact, there are different kinds of clubs and not all clubs suit a single person. Understanding and getting the right equipment that fits you well at the beginning itself will save a lot of time later.



golf swing tips

Even though you have excellent physical ability and suited equipment, the golf strike can be ruined when the Stance isn't perfect. For maintaining a right stance, make sure your set your both feet in the way that weight is distributed evenly on the middle part of feet and also set the hips back. Bending your knees could provide extra stability.

With that said, let us jump to Golf swing tips! Keep in mind that the tips below generally assume you play Golf with the right hand. If you play with another hand, just switch and apply the same rules!

Now you know the basics, so let's discuss the five best Golf tips for beginners.


Avoid Common Mistakes!

It is ironic, but one of the best ways of knowing how to do something right is to understand how to do it wrong. If you know how to do it wrong, you can avoid costly mistakes and save a lot of time for the future. For golf swings, there are many mistakes that beginners make that would hurt the swing speed. Some of the prominent mistakes are swinging too hard, gripping tightly and Incorrect Alignment. 


Maintain Balance

Balance is the basics of everything. To improve good balance, try practising on a foam log! By doing something more challenging than you already want, you may get the basic needed result.

So, take a foam log and try to balance yourself on it and swing, if you can achieve a reasonably good balance on the log, then you can do great on the ground as well.


Get The Right Back Swing

Many beginners tend not to keep their right arm close and force a straight back throwaway which will not produce a natural swing and distorts the direction of the ball.

For a good swing, keep your right arm closer to your body and try to bring the club back and around you, thereby transferring your weight to your back foot. With that weight shift, you need to feel the club rising at a right angle to the ground. MISIG is the best golf swing training device, and it can really help you to improve your backswing.


Maintain Correct Tempo

Most of the time, the right tempo to hit the ball is a bit slower than the "fast" one. Indeed, swinging it slowly will not move the ball too much, but swinging too fast results in more trouble than you might think.

So, practise your tempo and try to slow it down until you reach the optimal position. Swinging in this optimal tempo would let your hands and body in squaring the clubface in a proper line. It also helps to shift the weight of your body in the correct sequence.


Follow Through The Shot

While it may feel that as shot completed by the moment you hit the ball, and thus you need to focus only up to that and stop the momentum, the truth is you need to follow through the shot where your right shoulder should be down and your arms fully extended. Next, the right knee needs to move towards your left knee while your body weight transfers to the heel of your left foot with the right foot standing on the toe.


Carry The Finish

After the downswing completes and you successfully hit the ball, carry it a little bit further until the point where your left elbow(if you are hitting with right hand) points directly down shortly after the impact. This would improve your speed and distance with the bent elbow creates an additional lever. 


Keep High Resistance in Hips

By smoothly and incrementally unwinding the force, the tension created between the upper and lower areas of the body could give a lot of power in the golf swing. So by increasing resistance in the hips and maintaining a high angle between shoulders and hips, you could put much more power to hit the ball.


Utilize Golf Equipment for Practice

There are lots of great techniques out there that would make your play better for sure. In addition to them, many tools provide robust ways to improve your game. Using the correct equipment for yourself would make the process faster and a lot easier. MISIG is one of the most potent golf training equipment in the history of Golf.


Practise Smart

Constantly practising would improve your game only when you do it in the right way. For all Golf swing tips for beginners discussed until now and many others you would encounter, there is some way to measure your progress and your play style. A satisfactory progression occurs only If you measure your improvement and plan your next practice sessions accordingly.


Enjoy The Game!

Improving Golf takes a lot of time and commitment. Thus it is essential to have a positive attitude while you are playing and continuously improving at Golf. Maybe set yourself some short time goals, and reward yourself for achieving them, join in a good group of golfing friends, or do something similar. Ultimately, enjoy every moment you invest in this game!


Bottom Line

That concludes the five golf swing tips we want to share with you for improving your golf swing! However, good results won't come in a day, and you need to consistently practise your golf play with sincere dedication. In addition to that, always measuring your progress and adjusting your practice is important as without it, you could be focusing on the areas in which you are already good and leave out the important ones!

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